Liv Rocks

White Sage & Flower Smudge Stick

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Large white California-grown sage is wrapped with a colorful assortment of dried flowers. The result? A beautiful sage bundle that's really too pretty to burn! So keep it on display on your countertop instead—we won't tell! If you do burn it, make sure you honor this centuries-old sacred practice with a ritual and follow safe burning practices.

Product Details

* 1 large white sage stick wrapped in dried flowers
* Approx. 5" L
* Sustainably grown and harvested in California
* Designed and handmade by maker Liv Rocks
* Limited Edition

More Info

Burning sage is a sacred practice that has been used for centuries by indigenous peoples in purification rituals to promote healing and wisdom. Burning sage can help "wash" the energy of a space, clearing negativity and creating a more positive and stress-free environment. 

Cleansing with sage is great for whenever you need to let go of negative thoughts and emotions that don't serve you, such as limiting beliefs or fear-based thoughts, and attract more positive energies into your being/reality.

Benefits of Burning Sage: 

* Let go of negative thought patterns and energies
* Empower the self, encourage confidence
* Protect yourself and your space from bad energy
* Promote feelings of calm and relaxation
* Cleanse and create a space for healing 
* Augment positive energy

How to Use

1. Set Your Intention - Determine what you intend to purify from yourself or space. It helps to have a mantra or prayer you can repeat while saging such as, "I release what no longer serves me" or "I am a magnet for love, friendship and joy".

2. Light it Up - Light the sage at a 45-degree angle and let it burn for 10-20 seconds. Gently blow out the flame until you see smoke billowing up from the stick.

3. Guide the Smoke - Walk around your space and guide the smoke (i.e. the bad juju) toward an open window or door—negative energy needs somewhere to go! You can also guide the smoke from the bottom to top of your body if you're trying to purify your own energy. (Tip: A feather helps in guiding the smoke.)

4. Put it Out - Snuff out the burning stick into a fireproof vessel, like an abalone shell.