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Plein de Vie

Transcendent Green Fluorite Crystal Soap

Transcendent Green Fluorite Crystal Soap

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Do you have a bath or shower ritual? If not, now is the time, and this crystal-embedded soap is just the thing to make that time extra magical. Handmade by Portland-based brand Plein de Vie, this vegan glycerin soap is embedded with a beautiful piece of green fluorite crystal, the stone of renewal, intuition and growth. 

Breathe in Plein de Vie's popular Transcendent scent, a warm and inviting mix of sandalwood, leather, iris and violet, as you relax and let the day's concerns wash away. It's sure to help you "transcend" the day-to-day and make bath/shower-time a real spiritual escape. 

Bonus! The soap comes with a biodegradable sisal bag that also doubles as an exfoliating mitt. 

Product Details

* Vegan glycerin soap embedded with real green Fluorite crystal
* Scent: Sandalwood, leather, iris and violet
* Comes with eco-friendly, biodegradable sisal bag that can be used as exfoliating mitt
* Note: soap may appear cloudy until first use
* Made by woman-owned bath & body brand Plein de Vie 

More Info 

Fluorite Benefits & Uses

* Chakra: Heart
* Zodiac: Capricorn, Pisces
* Calming and stabilizing
* Cleanse, balance and renew the chakras
* Absorb and neutralize negative energies
* Improve concentration, focus and decision-making; clear mental fog
* Heighten intuition and fine-tune one's inner truth and purpose

Note: Crystals are not intended to substitute the advice given by a licensed healthcare professional. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition or disease.

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