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Pour Vida

Sage & Clarity Herbal Torch with Clear Quartz - Large

Sage & Clarity Herbal Torch with Clear Quartz - Large

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When you need an energetic do-over, this extra-large sage wand has you covered. Handmade by Venice-based Pour Vida, the Sage & Clarity Bee's Sneeze Herbal Torch is 9 inches and hand-wrapped using ethically sourced white sage, beeswax, local herbs, flowers and garden greens. Beeswax is a signature element of Pour Vida's bundles; burning beeswax produces negative ions which combat allergens, bacteria and mold in the air.

Plus, this herbal torch includes a large Clear Quartz crystal cluster. Clear Quartz is known as the "Master Healer" of crystals for its ability to amplify energy and intention, and also often used for enhancing clarity and decision-making.

Product Details

  • 1 Herbal Torch: Includes 1 large smudge stick made from ethically sourced white sage, beeswax, local herbs, flowers and garden greens + 1 medium-sized Clear Quartz crystal cluster
  • Approx. 9" L
  • Handmade in California by Pour Vida

More Info 

Benefits of Burning Sage: 

* Let go of negative thought patterns and energies
* Empower the self, encourage confidence
* Protect yourself and your space from bad energy
* Promote feelings of calm, relaxation and peace
* Cleanse and create a space for healing 
* Augment positive energy

Clear Quartz is considered one of the most powerful of all stones as it enhances the energy of other crystals, and amplifies energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it. Clear Quartz has been used since ancient times to calm and balance the mind and spirit as well as harmonize all the chakras.

Note: Crystals are not intended to substitute the advice given by a licensed healthcare professional. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition or disease.

How to Use

Tips for burning sage:

1. Set Your Intention - Determine what you intend to purify from yourself or space, or the energy you want to bring forth. It helps to have a mantra or prayer you can repeat while smudging such as, "I release what no longer serves me," or "I allow creativity to flow through me easily and abundantly."

2. Light it Up - Light the sage wand at a 45-degree angle and let it burn for 10-20 seconds. Gently blow out the flame until you see smoke billowing up from the stick.

3. Guide the Smoke - Walk around your space and guide the smoke toward an open window or door—negative energy needs somewhere to go! You can also guide the smoke from the bottom to top of your body.

4. Put it Out - Snuff out the burning stick into the fireproof vessel like a ceramic dish or Abalone shell.

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