Land of One

Protection Sage & Crystal Set

Protect yourself from unwanted energy with this sage and crystal set, ideal for when your energy is scattered and you feel anything but calm. It comes with two white sage bundles for extra energy cleansing, as well as an Amethyst druzy crystal cluster and a Crystal Quartz point. Amethyst is considered a powerful protection and healing stone that also has soothing properties, while Crystal Quartz is a "master healer," helping to amplify intention and the energy of other crystals. 

Product Details

Set includes:

* Two 4" White Sage Bundles 
* Amethyst druzy crystal, size approx. 1.5-2"
* Crystal Quartz point, size approx. 1.5-2"
* Info card with instructions

More Info

Benefits of Burning Sage: 

* Let go of negative thought patterns and energies
* Empower the self, encourage confidence
* Protect yourself and your space from bad energy
* Promote feelings of calm and relaxation
* Cleanse and create a space for healing 
* Augment positive energy

Amethyst is considered a powerful protection stone that calms and soothes the mind and spirit. With cleansing and healing properties, it tranquilizes and alleviates stress and anxiety, and helps ward off nightmares and insomnia. 

Crystal Quartz, or the Master Healer, enhances the energy of other crystals and helps clear energetic clutter. It has been used for centuries to calm, balance and focus the mind and spirit. The perfect stone for taking with you everywhere, it is also a great choice for regular meditation to help focus the mind.