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Tamra Copper LA

Love Crystal Grid with Copper Plate & Crystals

Love Crystal Grid with Copper Plate & Crystals

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This Love Crystal Grid set will help promote unconditional love in your relationships with lovers, friends, business associates and even strangers! This is a great set for channeling loving energy and to bring more love into your life, as well as help you express love to others.

Handmade by design studio Tamra Copper LA, featuring a hand-pressed copper disk and reiki-charged crystals.

Product Info


* Wooden Crystal Grid with Copper Plate
* Optical Calcite
* 6 Green Fluorite Octanedron Crystals
* 6 Quartz Points
* Crystals are chosen with clarity and love by Reiki master and crystal healer Donna Freeman
* Copper disc is engraved with powerful elements symbols: Air, Water, Earth and Fire * Designed by Tamra Copper LA
* Made in the U.S.A

How to Use

The center crystal to be placed on the copper plate is an Optical Calcite. This stone will amplify and encourage the ability to trust in yourself and in others. There are 6 Green Fluorite Octanedron that help to balance your heart chakra, enhance love of self and others, and connect to your higher self/angels. The 6 Quartz points will amplify your loving intentions.

More Info

What is a Crystal Grid? A crystal grid is a manifestation tool that combines the energy of crystals with sacred geometry. Crystals are arranged on the sacred geometry pattern, which helps to place them in precise locations that will magnify the crystals' energetic properties and focus the flow energy toward a specific intention.

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