Catherine Rising

Incense Sticks - Copal

One of the easiest ways to feel instantly relaxed? Burning incense. This practice has a long history (one we won't get into here), but overall, it is often used for creating a relaxing and calm environment for meditation and ritual. 

This set of hand-rolled, copal incense sticks from Catherine Rising is packaged in recycled paper and wrapped with hemp, vintage fabric, and a brass bell. Makes for a great gift!  

Product Details

  • 1 pack of 12 hand-rolled incense sticks
  • Copal (musky, warm)
  • Made in United States
  • Handmade and wrapped in vintage fabric by Catherine Rising

More Details

Copal is the name given to tree resin, used for burning incense and has a warm, smokey and musky scent. Linked to the crown chakra, copal is often used for deepening one's spiritual connection and enhancing energy flow, removing stagnant energies and strengthening the auric body.