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Evil Eye Protection Rope Incense

Evil Eye Protection Rope Incense

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Protection and peaceful calm are yours with this bundle of incense rope, featuring 45 traditional incense rope hand-rolled by the women of Nepal and offering a deep, woodsy Sandalwood scent.

Wrapped with recycled, hand-dyed ombre silk ribbon, this bundle also includes an Evil Eye charm from Greece, believed to help reflect the negative energy cast from others. 

Burn the rope laying flat in a fire-proof vessel, or hanging on a brass incense rope burner and plate.   

Product Details

  • 1 bundle of 45 hand-rolled rope incense, approx. 3" each
  • Sandalwood scent
  • Made in Nepal
  • Handmade and wrapped in hand-dyed ombre silk ribbon
  • Includes Evil Eye pin charm from Greece

More Details

Rope incense is a traditional form of incense originating from Nepal and Tibet made by twisting incense powder into ropes of paper. It is used for meditation and healing, and for creating an atmosphere of relaxation and calm. Burn rope incense safely by lying it flat on a bed of sand or ash, or using a rope incense burner.

The Evil Eye is a symbol of protection originating from ancient Greece. The evil eye itself refers to a malicious glare that can cause bad luck or loss. To protect oneself from this curse, it is believed that wearing charms or jewelry with the symbol incorporated will help reflect the curse back to the person casting it.

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