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Plein de Vie

Abundance Crystal-infused Fragrance Collection

Abundance Crystal-infused Fragrance Collection

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This is it—it's your year. You are open and ready to receiving all that life has to offer. To help you truly open yourself up to all kinds of abundance is this Abundance fragrance collection, a set of crystal-infused rollerball perfumes you can wear daily or use for meditation to elevate mind, body and spirit.

Four scintillating scents come together in this must-have rollerball fragrance set by bath & body brand Plein de Vie. Featuring four crystal-infused 5mL rollerball perfumes, this collection makes for a great gift—for anyone who wants to wear good energy while smelling divine.

Product Details

Scents included in the set:  

  • Halcyon (sweet notes of fig, with rose quartz inside)
  • Elysian (bay leaf, citrus & berry, with amethyst crystals inside)
  • Ethereal (warm vanilla, cedar & musk, with rainbow fluorite inside)
  • Transcendent (notes of sandalwood and leather, with green fluorite inside)

Made in the US by Plein de Vie

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