Plein de Vie

Abundance Crystal-infused Fragrance Collection

Four scintillating scents come together in the Abundance Collection, this must-have rollerball fragrance set by bath & body brand Plein de Vie. Featuring four crystal-infused 5mL rollerball perfumes, this collection makes for a great gift—for anyone who wants to wear good energy while smelling divine.

Product Details

Scents included in the set:  

  • Halcyon (sweet notes of fig, with rose quartz inside)
  • Elysian (bay leaf, citrus & berry, with amethyst crystals inside)
  • Ethereal (warm vanilla, cedar & musk, with rainbow fluorite inside)
  • Transcendent (notes of sandalwood and leather, with green fluorite inside)

Made in the US by Plein de Vie