Why Mercury Retrograde isn't as Bad as Everyone Thinks

Why Mercury Retrograde isn't as Bad as Everyone Thinks

This backward time is perfect for reflection and reevaluation

What a wild, wild time. Just when we thought life was approaching some semblance of normalcy, Eclipse season and Mercury Retrograde both descended upon us. These two events are overlapping right now, and even if you’re not big on astrology, you may still find yourself feeling a bit off

To put another exclamation point on this event, astrologists are calling the current Mercury Retrograde—the second of 2021, which continues from now until June 22nd—the most “potent” Mercury Retrograde of the year.  Translation: this topsy-turvy time period could make you feel really mentally discombobulated, as if your energy levels are all over the place, and seemingly cause everything related to travel, technology and communication to go wrong. 

What is Mercury Retrograde, Anyway?

If you're not big on astrology, you're probably wondering what all the fuss is about. To put it simply, Mercury Retrograde is a 3-week planetary phenomenon that happens three to four times per year. During this period, the planet Mercury seemingly slows down, stops (stations) and then moves backward (retrograde) in the sky when viewed from the Earth. 

Note, though, that Mercury is not actually moving. It's just an optical illusion!

Nonetheless, this optical illusion is believed by astrologists to have interesting implications for us, namely that it wreaks havoc within the arenas ruled by Mercury: communication, travel and technology. 

We people on earth begin to experience all sorts of chaos during this period. When something out of the ordinary happens—for example, travel plans are suddenly canceled, you forget your passport at home, an old relationships comes back into your life, or you seem to stumble over your words more than usual (even after your morning caffeine fix), you might blame it on Mercury Retrograde. (Cue Jamie Foxx: “Blame it on the Mer-mer-mer-mer-mer-cury…”)

A Time for Reflection

Yet, it’s really not all bad. Even if you don’t let astrology dictate how you live (and you shouldn’t), this turn-around period poses a great time for self-reflection and evaluation. Rather than the go, go, go of the day-to-day, Mercury Retrograde reminds us to slow down and take stock of our lives. It's a great time to pause, reflect and reevaluate where we are placing our attention, whether that’s with our careers, relationships, a business, or an issue with loose ends that need to be tied up. 

While your energy is important regardless of the time of year, this period may require a little extra attention. Here's how to make the most of Mercury Retrograde, so that you emerge from this backward time feeling more balanced, focused and ready for the next chapter in your life.

Ground and Protect 

Black Tourmaline pieces on wooden table 

You may be feeling a little wack-a-doo during this time, so the most helpful tools are those that have grounding properties and will protect you from external, destabilizing vibrations. Black Tourmaline is an effective crystal for feeling safe, grounded and connected to Earth. This powerful stone is associated with the Root Chakra, encouraging grounding and centeredness. Although particularly useful when you feel frazzled and out of sorts, it's a great stone to have on hand at any time. Carry it with you in your pocket, especially while traveling, or keep it near your workspace, to help protect you from scattered energy and to inspire more feelings of balance, safety and stability.


Revisit and Release 

Amazonite raw stone close up

The backwardness of Mercury Retrograde encourages us to look back on our past, as well as our current experiences. Rather than starting any new projects, use this time to reevaluate what’s currently going on in your life, and to finish what you started. What needs attention? Are there loose ends that need to be tied up? Is it time to let go of something? 

This reflection is all about clearing the path for new energy flow that serves you better moving forward. To do that, you must first rid yourself of the energies, emotions and thoughts that no longer serve you.

Start by clearing the area of unwanted and stagnant energies with a cleansing sage bundle. Then, meditate with Amazonite, a stone that has powerful soothing properties, to help calm the mind and spirit. Amazonite, connected to the Heart Chakra, also encourages you to seek "inner truth," so that you can march forward knowing exactly what your heart truly needs and desires. 



Enhance Mental Clarity

Vision candle flame for meditation

For some, Mercury Retrograde really wreaks havoc on communication, making it feel like you can’t seem to think or express yourself clearly. Banish that brain fuzz with Fluorite, one of the best stones for instilling focus and clarity. Fluorite is connected to the Heart, Throat and Eye Chakras, making it great for all types of communication.

Meditating with a candle, a practice called Trataka, has also been found to reduce stress, and improve concentration, focus and memory. This meditation requires that you keep your eyes open, with your gaze resting on the candle flame. Breathe deeply, as you would at the beginning of any meditation, to enter a deeply relaxed state. You will find that as time passes, your mind becomes quiet and your awareness rests only on the candle flame.



Check out our Mercury Retrograde collection for more tools to help you make the most of this period of reflection and reevaluation.  

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