Self-love Tips, Rituals & More from our Faves

February 16, 2022

Wellness experts on self-love

Our favorite wellness experts share their thoughts on self-love, self-care rituals and more

Self-love is a powerful thing, and it looks different on everyone. That's why, in celebration of the month of love, we decided to ask a few of our favorite wellness brands and self-love gurus to weigh in on this subject—how they view self-love, their own journeys and more!


BLACK + JANE // @blackandjane

On her current self-care ritual...

New Years resolutions are so cliche, but it was a good starting point for me to start exercising regularly again.  I commit to doing Pilates at least 3 times a week and although it’s only been 1.5 months, I feel so much happier and focused. There’s a lot of stress that comes with running a small business and I was internalizing a lot of it just trying to get through each day. Pilates forces me to take that hour to myself, away from electronics and focused on my body and mind. It’s a good feeling to know that I CHOOSE to take this time just for me. It also does wonders for my stress management! 

On self-care and burnout...

Self-love and self-care used to feel really selfish to me—like I was taking time away from important work matters when it wasn’t really necessary, but let me tell you—burnout is real! Learning to put yourself first is so important, especially when you’re running a business. The work can wait. That email will still be there when you get back. The body and mind has it's limits and it's so vital to stay in-tuned and aligned with that it needs. 

On the impact of social media on self-love...

I think it’s become such a damaging and sometimes toxic aspect of our daily lives. There’s this constant need to compare yourself to others when you see that they have this picture perfect life when in reality, it’s just not real. It’s just content and your life and who you are is so much more fascinating than what you think you see. Find even the smallest things that will make you happy. Do things that will help you learn about yourself so you can continue to grow as a person. Remind yourself that you are worth everything that you desire. 

On her own self-love journey...

It has it’s ups and downs, but I try my best to stay aware that it’s a continual journey of learning and growing. I think as I’ve become older, I know the things I want and need to make me happy and content. The journey is putting in the work to continue keeping that balance, because at the end of the day, I’m the only one who can do it.

On her favorite products for self-care...

I’m really loving our Himalayan salt ball that is included in our Self-Love Ritual Kit. The salt ball can be used hot (heated in a microwave) or cold (left in the freezer) and is great tool to relieve muscle tension and knots in my shoulders. I also try to take a bath at least once a week and love using our Lavender + Rose bath soak which also helps with muscle aches and pains. 


Sam Keller, Health Coach & Podcaster
RAISING SEROTONIN // @raisingserotonin

On the meaning of self-love...

Self love is a ritual completely dedicated to you and your soul. It is a ritual that fills your cup up, and means you are creating your best life. Self love is accepting yourself fully through everything you’ve been through. 

On her current self-love ritual...

Without my morning routine, I don’t know if I would love myself enough. This is is my me time. This is where I brain dump, manifest, practice gratitude and affirmations. It is a ritual that has become a part of who I am, to always have something to look forward to.. that gets me through. That makes me want to wake up in the morning, every single day, and live to make an impact. 

On living holistically as a form of self-love...

I’ve noticed that everything in the world affects my being, and I had to make some shifts. I believe in eating clean and whole. Using non toxic products and limiting processed foods brings more serotonin, which is the happiness chemical. Living this way produces more serotonin, leading me to live a more fulfilling life! I accept all the good energy holistically. 

On the self-love journey...

Your journey will not look like another persons even in the slightest bit. Your own path is the most beautiful one. Self love does not include comparing yourself to others. You were created for purpose, live that out. 


Shan Poulson, Wellness Blogger
THE KIND MIND CLUB // @thekindmindclub

On her current self-love ritual... 

My current self-love ritual is a candle lit bath. I put on some relaxing music, make my favorite tea, and burn sage.  

On her favorite products for self-care... 

For me, my night care routine is very intermixed with self-love. My night time tea helps relax me and nourish my gut health. All of my skincare products are a huge part of my self-love too, as I love taking the time to take care of myself and show love to my skin!

On growth through tough love...

Self-love can also include tough love. Sometimes you have to gently push yourself out of your comfort zone or do hard things. Even though it’s scary or challenging, I really believe this is a big act of love to give yourself. Challenging yourself to be your very best self and grow!

On the advice she'd give to someone struggling with their own self-love...

Take it day by day. Loving yourself takes time. Just as you would grow a plant, you have to take the time to water, fertilize, and tend to it. It takes consistency and patience. Start with something simple you can do daily, like affirmations or self-love journaling. 


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