6 Easy Ways to Raise the Vibration of Your Home

October 07, 2020

6 Easy Ways to Raise the Vibration of Your Home

How to promote positive energy flow, no furniture-moving required

High vibrational living is not just about our own energy; it extends to the energy in our environments as well. As you might already know, when your energy is high—as in, you’re vibrating at a high frequency—the better you feel. We are naturally drawn to people with high vibrational energy, and the same goes for our surroundings.

You can definitely feel the energy around you even if you can’t see it. When we’re in a high vibe environment, we feel more joyful, less stressed, and more inspired. You want to spend more time in places and rooms that have good energy, whereas those with negative or stagnant energy can make you feel stressed and anxious.

Since we are all spending more time at home these days, keeping a space that feels like a sanctuary is an essential part of overall wellness. Here are six easy ways to elevate the vibration of your home.

1. KonMari Your Space 

Physical clutter blocks the free flow of energy in your space, thereby creating stagnant energy—or “energetic clutter”—that can impact your mood and leave you feeling anxious. Sometimes you don’t even realize it; you get used to the pile of books and papers on your desk, the toys on the floor, the random odds and ends in the drawers.

Some of the items in your home may actually hold onto negative energy, say, a gift that came from a painful past experience (and you wonder why you’re always cranky!).

Start paying attention to how you feel in every room. Look at what’s around you, and take  Marie Kondo's advice: get rid of anything that don’t bring you joy. Consider whether there are things you can organize or remove all together to get the positive vibes flowing again. It’s amazing what a good purging session can do for your wellbeing!

2. Elevate Your Decor

Just as removing items that hold onto unwanted energy can make you feel more light and calm, so too does adding things into your surroundings that promote feelings of positivity.

Everything around you, from your throw pillows to the color of your furniture and walls can mean the difference between a space that is calming, inspiring and uplifting or one that increases anxiety. It’s all about how your decor makes you feel.

For example, bright orange cushions may not promote tranquility (blue and gray are better options), but they could be a great choice if you want to boost your creativity and motivation. What’s more, handmade, ethically sourced and sustainable items tend to be higher vibration than those that are factory made or less responsibly sourced and bad for the environment (it’s all about the energy and intention involved in the production of a product that is transmitted from person to object).

3. Foster Lots of Foliage

Elevating your decor can include adding more plants to your environment. The reason for peppering one’s indoor space with greenery may be rooted—no pun intended—in growing evidence that plants can indeed make us happier. 

Biologically speaking, being around nature can change our bodies and our brains, everything from lower blood pressure and cortisol levels, to stronger alpha waves, the kind of waves you get when you're super calm but alert, as in the beginning of deep meditation.

Even more interesting: soil contains microbes (mycobacterium vaccae) that trigger the release of serotonin—a.k.a. the happy chemical—in the brain. Lovingly dubbed "outdoorphins" by researchers, these microbes act as natural anti-depressants to help promote feelings of relaxation and comfort. So, go ahead! Fill your living area, bedroom and workspace with plants and fresh flowers to instantly elevate the vibration of your home.

4. Burn Sage or Palo Santo 

Perhaps the most popular way to cleanse a space of negative energy today (thanks to Instagram), the burning of Sage or Palo Santo is a centuries-old practice by indigenous peoples traditionally called smudging. Sage, which is part of the larger plant family of mint, comes from a plant found in the Southwest, whereas Palo Santo, meaning "Holy Wood," is wood that comes from a tree native to Peru and other South American countries that's harvested only when a tree dies.

Central to purification rituals, burning Sage or Palo Santo cleanses spaces or objects of negative energy, and promotes healing and calm, as well as allows for more positive energy flow.

Smudging can be used in a variety of specific situations, such as when you move into a new home, are about to start a new project, or even after you’ve had a disagreement with someone.

Ready to smudge? Once you have all the materials you need, make sure you set your intention so you are clear on what you want released and what you intend to attract to you. Keep in mind that burning Sage or Palo Santo is a sacred act and thus should be part of a meditative ritual.


5. Light a Candle or Diffuse Essential Oils 

The aroma emitted from candles and diffusers can promote feelings of calm, happiness and positivity in much the same way as the smoke from burning Sage or Palo Santo.

Candles or oil blends that are made with oils or resin from Sage or Palo Santo have natural cleansing properties. Generally speaking, scents with bright and crisp citrus notes like Orange, Lemon and Bergamot, tend to promote feelings of joy and positivity; fresh scents like Peppermint and Spearmint can also have an uplifting effect. For stress relief, consider Lavender, Neroli, Jasmine, Patchouli, Sage or Chamomile.


6. Call in the Energy of Crystals

Crystals, used for centuries to heal, cleanse and draw forth positive energies, are amazing tools for energetic space clearing and promoting all around good vibes. To keep your space feeling clear and vibrant, place clusters of clear quartz, amethyst or apophyllite in the room.

Placing crystals around your workspace is also an effective way to promote motivation, creativity and focus. Crystals like citrine and fluorite are powerful in promoting mental clarity, decision-making and abundance, while darker stones like Black Tourmaline and Shungite help with clearing the  “electromagnetic smog” arising from computers, TVs and your phone. 

Want even more crystal power? Place a crystal in each of the room’s corners, a practice called gridding. Be thoughtful about how the terminations of the crystal cluster are pointing—if they point toward each of the corners, this will protect the room, whereas if they are pointing inwards, they will charge and raise the energy of the space.


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