Eucalyptus and Selenite smudge bundles for energy clearing

Alternatives to Sage for Energy Clearing

Looking for alternatives to sage? Read on for a few herbs that do the trick!

When it comes to energy clearing with smoke, people often think of burning sage. Specifically, White Sage, which has been the herb traditionally used in ceremonial practices by Indigenous tribes for healing and purification. 

White Sage only grows in the shrubby lands of Southern California and Northwestern Mexico. More recently, with the rise of modern spirituality, it has grown tremendously in popularity as a cleansing and purification tool. With increased demand and commercialization, there are now grounds for concern about its potential to be an endangered plant.

While you should always take care in where your White Sage comes from—make sure it's ethically sourced—there are also a number of other herbs that you can use in your smoke cleansing ceremony to dispel negative, unwanted energy that are just as effective. 

Here are a few of our favorites!


Also used for centuries in ancient purification rituals, Eucalyptus believed to ward off evil and bring forth energetic protection and cleansing. This powerful herb also emits a minty yet sweet scent when burned that's relaxing and rejuvenating, and can also help increase mental clarity and focus.



Cedar has been called arborvitae, which means "Tree of Life" in Latin, so you know it's powerful! This herb, in addition to purifying and protecting from unwanted energies, also promotes peaceful energy so it's great for creating a calm and relaxing environment. 



While you may be familiar with Lavender as the herb to tuck under your pillow for a night of sweet dreams, this herb also packs a powerful punch when it comes to cleansing and purification. Lavender on its own releases a super calming scent, but when burned, this powerful herb also cleanses and neutralizes energy around you.


And these aren't the only herbs you can use for cleansing! There's also Rosemary, Pine, Juniper, Sweetgrass, and more—all can be used for clearing and purification.

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